Tuesday, January 13, 2009

American gets liver transplant in Malaysia

I'm posting this article not to promote or recommend transplant tourism but to report how it is possible to travel out of the country for a life saving organ transplant. Many patients faced with undue delay due to long waiting lists and high medical costs at home choose to explore alternative possibilities. However no decision should be made without researching the risks involved.

Article by Treatment Abroad

Faced with a critical illness and possessing no medical insurance, 55- year old Ralph Walker's options seemed limited. However, confronted with the enormous costs of receiving a liver transplant in the US, he decided to take a different course of action.

After feeling ill for some time, Ralph Walker decided to get himself checked out. He was immediately referred to a hepatologist, and was devastated to discover that he had cirrhosis of the liver and would have to undergo lifesaving surgery. The initial shock quickly turned to dismay when he was told that the waiting list for surgery was over a year long and the operation would cost over $300,000.

After doing some research online, he came across HTW, a medical tourism agency in Malaysia. He was informed that they would help to find him a specialist in liver transplants for his treatment. After deciding to proceed with the treatment, HTW put Ralph Walker in contact with his chosen liver specialist by phone, and he immediately felt that he had made the right decision. The specialist spoke perfect English and was very reassuring about the procedure, explaining the details in full and providing more information about the hospital where the treatment would be taking place. The whole experience put him at ease and made him feel far more confident about travelling abroad.

The procedure itself went ahead with no complications. Following the procedure, he spent just over a week recuperating in the hospital, some of which was spent in a post-operative unit. Now, all Ralph Walker is left with after getting back to full strength is a rather impressive scar to show off to his friends.

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