Thursday, September 27, 2007

Transplant Headlines

Every day there seems to be more and more articles about organ and tissue donation and transplantation. These are a few selected stories from around the world.

Lung transplant has brave Imogen jumping for joy
Australia's Herald Sun tells a heartwarming story about Imogen Oulton, 9, whose life was saved by a double lung transplant.

The article says it's almost impossible to believe a month ago Imogen was struggling with what might have been her last breaths. With time running out and a child-sized set of donor lungs not available, surgeons had no choice but to cut an adult set of lungs down to size to fit her smaller chest. Read the full story.

Family returns favour after years of transplants
Australia's Herald Sun posts a story about MYLES Caruana, 15, who understood more than most just how precious the gift of organ donation could be.

Five of the teenager's uncles and aunts had received life-saving organ transplants after a hereditary kidney disease swept through almost an entire generation. Then, sadly, Myles suffered a severe asthma attack and passed away. His family donated his tisues (his organs were too deterioated for transplant) knowing that Myles would have approved. Read the full article.

"But we'd had that conversation (about organ donation) as a family, and after seeing first-hand what a phenomenal difference it could make to someone's quality of life, there was really no other choice for any of us."

Organ relay is off and running
Canada's Toronto Sun tells about Dylan McIntosh, 16, who can't wait for his turn in this year's Save Our Sick 4000 cross-country torch run to raise awareness about organ donation -- and to pay tribute to his friend Manny Castillo.

Manny, a 15-year-old Grade 10 Lorne Park Secondary student, was critically injured during a rugby match this spring. His donated organs saved five lives.

As of yesterday, hundreds of youth started off in an eight-month, cross-country torch relay from St. John's, Nfld., to Iqaluit, Nunavut, to raise awareness about organ donation. Read the article

Melanie hopes for a better life
From the National Web Site of Wales comes the story of MELANIE DARK who spends two hours every day attached to a machine. It has been this way for the past 10 years as she waits for a kidney transplant.

The 45-year-old mother-of-one and her family have had to adjust their lives to the kidney disease, and the machine, which regulates Melanie’s life.

Her kidney failure and her dependence on haemodialysis not only dictate where she can go on holiday, but what she can eat and how much she can drink.

The article also has a good discussion about organ donation rates in Wales and the issue of an Opt-out system presently being considered for the U.K. Read the full article.

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