Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Transplant Headlines

Here are a few headlines that caught my interest recently.

World Transplant Games Federation
Results of the 2007 World Transplant Games in Bangkok, Thailand are now posted at the WTGF Site. Go to Transplant games and click PDF files on the sidebar. Here's the total medal results for selected countries: UK 227, Australia 87, USA 81, Netherlands 75, Hungary 52, Thailand 63, Argentina 27, Iran 34, France 33, Ireland 35, Canada 23, Greece 18, Germany 23, Switzerland 15.

Transplant girl gets close-up of her heart
This London Telegraph article describes the reaction by 23-year-old Jennifer Sutton on seeing her own heart three months to the day after she received the heart transplant that saved her life. Her old heart is on display at a museum. Read the article.

Girl, 7, still waiting for kidney transplant
This item in Florida Today discusses the ordeal that seven–
year-old Eryn Cooper is going through while waiting for a kidney transplant. Both her kidneys were removed last year and she is one of 2,745 people in Florida waiting for a kidney transplant. She has special medical needs and the story describes the financial burden her family has to cope with and the fundraising efforts to help. Read the article.

RUSH Replaces livers in patients in their 70s, 80s
We are gradually starting to see more centers offering organ transplants to older patients. This Chicago Sun-Times piece notes that Rush University Medical Center has performed about 40 liver transplants in patients over 70 since 2002 and that they have found no difference in survival compared to younger patients over a ten-year period. Read the article.

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