Friday, September 21, 2007

Transplant Headlines

Here are a few more selected headlines from around the world on organ donation and transplantation.

The topic of "presumed consent" is undergoing heated debate in the United Kingdom as the government considers an "opt-out" system. Health Secretary Alan Johnson has asked a Government taskforce to consider whether everyone in the country should be put on the organ donor register unless they opt out. The following articles published in the U.K. provide an overview of how the general population is responding to the idea.

Health Secretary Alan Johnson calls for review of consent for organ donation
PGH Foundation

Should consent to organ donation be assumed?
The UK Press Association.

Donation policy is under fire
The Evening Telegraph Northamptonshire, UK

Other headlines
Four share their stories of how transplants have changed their lives has an article on the state of organ donation and transplantation in Virginia and relates the stories of several people whose lives have been transformed one way or another by organ donation. It points out that one donor can save up to 7 lives and tells of how one donor's tissues went to 66 people, including 2 heart valves that went to children. Read the full story.

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