Sunday, July 30, 2006

Transplant Athletes In Action

Transplant recipient Amy Holdorf from Toronto participated in the U.S. Transplant Games this past June and did extremely well in many events, as you will see from the photos she has posted on her Yahoo gallery. Amy received a kidney from her mother Diane July 28, 1994.

Amy is now 33 years old and has developed into quite an athlete. She took part in several events and her father John even ran the 5k race with her (the public could take part but were not eligible for medals).

For full coverage of the U. S. 2006 Transplant Games click here.

Amy is now looking forward to seeing her “Canadian buddies” at the Canadian Transplant Games in Edmonton this coming August 8th to the 13th.

Amy is truly an inspiration to others and she is a fine example of how a life can be transformed by an organ donation and the goals and achievements that can be attained.

As much as the Games is an athletic event that calls attention to the success of organ and tissue transplantation, it is also a celebration of life among recipients, their families and friends. Athletes compete at an extraordinarily high level, demonstrating the physical success of transplant surgery and the need to increase organ donation.

The Canadian Transplant Games web site posts a list of all registrants, and in addition to Amy, it’s wonderful to see so many transplant recipients making their way to Edmonton, Alberta to participate. I hope everyone has a great time and in my mind everyone is a winner for just participating and showing the world what is possible.

Some of the registered transplant recipients going to Edmonton that I recognize are: Mark Black, Carla Borton, Sharon Smith, Kurt Penner, Darlene McNeil, Dick Winter, Tom Awad, Sylvie Gauthier, Sara Murray, Frank Bialystok, Ian Robb and of course, Amy Holdorf. I’m sure you will recognize many more as you scan the list. Please join me in extending our very best wishes to everyone taking part in the games.

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