Monday, July 10, 2006

Aspergillus website for clinicians, scientists, patients and their relatives

This site now offers new updates for a wide range of information about the fungus Aspergillus and the diseases it causes. It is designed to provide information for clinicians, scientists, patients and their relatives. There is a section devoted to the needs of patients suffering from the effects of Aspergillus and links to the Aspergillus Trust. Go to: Aspergillus website

On the site you will find:
  • diagnostic and research laboratory protocols
  • treatment and antifungal drug information
  • articles of interest
  • actual case histories
  • relevant conference and course details
  • abstracts from conferences
  • a large image library (more than 400 clinical photos, scans and different.species of Aspergillus) and videos
  • information on Aspergillus genomics
  • clinical and laboratory discussion forums
  • a current and historical bibliographic database
  • news about Aspergillus
  • mycotoxin and Aspergillus species information
  • veterinary diseases caused by Aspergillus

There is also a section providing free educational materials. And slides sets for teaching purposes. Go to: Aspergillus website

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