Wednesday, July 05, 2006

It's not just jewelry, it's art!

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Below is an article written by the owner of a store on e-bay. What in the world has this got to do with organ transplants? you might say. But please read on.

Around the time of my lung transplant in 2002 I met Jocelyn Schryver, a young woman recovering from a double lung transplant due to cystic fibrosis. She was full of joy with her "new life" and quickly endeared herself to just about everyone she came in contact with at the hospital, including patients and staff. Sadly, complications set in and Jocey was eventually re-admitted to Toronto General Hospital where she passed away August 23, 2004.

On September 1, 2004 a memorial service was held for Jocey at Toronto General Hospital. I don't know of any other transplant recipient for whom such a service was held at the hospital. She was so well liked the room was packed as you can see by the photo journal I posted at Jocelyn's Memorial.

I also got to know Jocelyn's mother, Joette Kruger and her stepfather Peter Kruger. Joette's life and world was transformed by Jocey's passing and now, as you can read in her own words, she has re-invented herself. Out of this has come Handmaid Jewelry, an e-bay store you can visit at Handmaid Jewelry which I am very happy to promote here on my site. Merv.

It's not just jewelry, it's art!

In August of 2004 a tragedy befell my husband and I. Our only child passed away from complications of a double lung transplant (she had Cystic Fibrosis) and so you can appreciate how our lives changed. She was a ball of fire, always living each day to the maximum, talented in all of her endeavours, always smiling and taking the time to help anyone who needed. She was an extraordinary person and she was always coaxing me to take risks. I can just see her smiling at me over my shoulder as I write this.

It has always been my dream to one day make jewelry and actually have people like it enough to wear my real life I have worked very hard for many years in the Financial and Human Resource fields but often I would sit at my desk and daydream about having my designs being worn by stars at the Academy Awards ceremonies! I've gone from being a bean counter to a bead counter! As Kramer on Seinfeld once said "I'm out there Jerrry, and I'm loving it!"

I've always played it safe in life. I was a very responsible and serious type, being an accountant does that to you. So taking this risk, showing the world my work, has been a complete departure from my old self.

Needless to say, since that time, my husband and I have to re-invent ourselves. Jocelyn was our primary focus and suddenly we were left with no place to put all that energy. For the first 18 months I walked around in a daze, and then suddenly in January of this year I decided to make Jocelyn proud and to follow my dream. She taught me to see how short life is and how valuable time is so here I am.

My jewelry designs are primarily the type of jewelry most women would be comfortable wearing. I have made some "mad" pieces but I do not yet show them on e-bay because I prefer to offer classic, and classy, pieces. I love working with Swarovski crystals and pearls but I am beginning to venture into gemstones and chain. I love the look and feel of beadwork and I only display on e-bay what has passed the inspection of my friends and relatives, my husband, and even some strangers. I am my most severe critic and so I am very careful with what I create and display.

Even though I am a designated accountant you would think I would be smart in financial areas with regard to my jewelry. But take heart! I am not yet confident in my sales strategies and I tend to offer my pieces at the cost price. So far I've made no profit, but that's okay for me, and for you as the buyer. My bidding starts much lower than many sellers and my store inventory pieces are priced at cost. So please know you are getting a very good deal when you purchase my pieces.

Please visit my e-bay store: Handmaid Jewelry. New items listed regularly! Featuring lovely gemstone articles!

I hope I haven't bored you with these musings. Thanks for taking a look!
Joette Kruger

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joette kruger said...

Dear Merv,

Forgive me, but as I write this, I am sobbing. Thank you, thank you for taking the time to remind the transplant community about Jocey. I am thankful for the promotion of my jewellery of course, but I cherish the times when I hear about Jocey, especially from you. She loved you so much.

It is my hope to one day become successful enough in my sales to be able to start donating some of the proceeds to the Transplant Foundation. I sold a Pride piece earlier in June and donated the proceeds to an Aids Hospice here in Toronto because they helped my brother when he passed away two months ago. I hope to one day to do something similar for UHN.

Anyway, thank you again for remembering my Jocey. You know, Peter and I still miss her as much today as we did when we lost in August 2004. It just feels different now.

We hope you are doing well and settled into your new life.

Joette and Peter