Friday, July 14, 2006

Donorcycle Portrays Life as a Transplant Coordinator

This post from Medscape Transplantion should be of interest because it is an interview with a transplant coordinator in the U.S. who keeps a blog of her daily activities. Below is a link to the full interview as well as a link to Donorcycle's (her pseudonym) blog.

Nicholas Genes, MD, PhD

When it comes to organ donation, everyone seems to have an opinion. But few people really understand all that's involved -- from the reluctant families of potential donors to the grateful recipients, and all of the medical and ethical decisions that must be made in between. One person who oversees every aspect of donation is the transplant coordinator.

And in one case, "TC" is not just a job title but also a pseudonym for a transplant coordinator who writes about her job at the blog Donorcycle. With her regular posts, she details the emotional and procedural complexities of this important, demanding job.

Read Dr. Genes Interview

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