Saturday, March 11, 2006

Magazine article - Living after a lung transplant

Below are links to the cover story in the March 6th issue of Advance for Respiratory Care Practitioners* that highlights a talk on living after a lung transplant given by a panel representing the Toronto General Hospital lung transplant program. The editors wanted to show that an active life is very possible after a lung transplant and I fortunately was able to be photographed enjoying my love of cross-country skiing, even with one lung.
*This is a U.S. magazine with the highest readership in the country in its category.

View the Cover photo - To read the article enter the title LIVING AFTER A LUNG TRANSPLANT in the search box to the left of the photo.

The venue was CHEST 2005, the annual convention of the American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP). It was held last fall in Montreal and about 5,000 attendees were registered. (Of course not all attended our symposium!).

Our panel included Dr. Lianne Singer, medical director, Toronto Lung Transplant Program, Tara Bolden, clinical coordinator of Toronto General's Transplant Psychiatry Multi-Organ Transplant program and me. Merv.

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