Monday, March 20, 2006

The Len Geiger Story

Len Geiger's story is another wonderful example of how organ transplant recipients can lead a full, active life. Following the publication of the Advance Magazine article on Living After a Lung Transplant, I received the following email from Len:


I read the Advance article on you and your transplant last night. You did a great job explaining what it's like post transplant. Every day is a blessing. The work you do raising awareness for organ and tissue donation is a blessing for untold numbers of others as well.

I'll be celebrating my 4th anniversary of my bilateral lung transplant (due to Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency) on May 27th. Since that time I've met the family of my donor, married a wonderful woman, and fathered my first child - a beautiful little girl - who turned 5 weeks this past Saturday.
Yes, every single day is a blessing.

Let's stay in touch,

-Len Geiger
Savannah, Georgia

Len's story as told above is an inspiration to all of us who have received organ transplants, but there's a lot more to tell about Len's life after his transplant. Since his double-lung transplant in 2002 Len has met his donor family and ran in marathon races alongside his donor's father and the surgeon who performed his lung transplant. His story was told in American Profile magazine. The accompanying photo of Len is that of a conditioned athlete and you will be truly inspired by the Len Geiger story. I know that I was.

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