Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Seasons Greetings, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all.

Here's a heart warming story that appeared in the Waterloo Region Record (Ontario) December 24th and I think it's very timely for today's blog post.

Kitchener, Ontario - —It seems the Christmas spirit is alive
and well in Waterloo Region.

Early Wednesday morning, Donna Poplawski and
her 17-year-old son Robert Ferguson were woken by a
knock at the door of their Kinzie Avenue home. Upon
answering the door, Ferguson was greeted by a young
couple who handed him a $50 gift card to Food Basics.

“He rushed up the stairs and said ‘Mom, someone
just gave us a gift card,’” said Poplawski. “I thought it
might have been stolen or a prank.”

Enclosed with the gift card was a receipt, proving
that the card was real and purchased legitimately.
The couple didn’t give their names or any information,
but Robert could see they had a stack of cards.

“I think they were just going door to door handing
them out,” said Poplawski. “It’s overwhelming, because
we live in low-income housing, and we really
need food right now.”

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veleska1970 said...

hi, my name is veleska and i'm going around randomly and wishing people a merry christmas. i hope you and yours have a great one!!