Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Know your cholesterol risk - new web site

Everyone should be aware of the risks associated with high cholesterol, but transplant patients must be especially vigilant and I found this press release to be timely and informative.

Helping Canadians Eat, Move and Motivate Towards a Healthier Heart - Know Your Risk, Know Your Ratio Campaign Helps Manage Cholesterol

MISSISSAUGA, ON, Dec. 13 /CNW/ - Cholesterol is one of those dirty words muttered at the doctor's office or at the dinner table when passing on the mashed potatoes and gravy. Although most Canadians understand the importance of lowering bad cholesterol levels, many do not understand the relationship between good and bad cholesterol or the role of the Cholesterol Ratio in predicting long-term cardiovascular risk.

A recent Leger Marketing survey of cholesterol patients revealed the vast majority (98 per cent) feel it is important they lower their cholesterol.

The Know Your Risk, Know Your Ratio campaign is the first integrated food and nutrition, exercise and wellness program focusing on the Cholesterol Ratio as a total approach to managing cholesterol. As part of the campaign, Know Your Ratio is an educational and informative website for consumers who suffer from high cholesterol and are looking to make healthy lifestyle changes.
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