Monday, December 04, 2006

Another call for help

I received the following plea for help finding inexpensive accommodation in Toronto. If you know of reasonably priced places in Toronto that would suit the following request please let me know ASAP. Like many families facing the prospect of a transplant their budget is tight, and they will appreciate any help they can get in finding an affordable place to stay. If you wish to correspond directly with them E-mail me and I will provide contact info. Thanks, Merv.

“Dear Merv,
My nephew, and his mother, will be traveling to Toronto General Hospital for a double lung transplant assessment on January 2, 2007 from Vancouver. We are hoping to make arrangements as soon as possible for a least the two week assessment period from Jan 2 /07 until about the 15th.

I have been searching for a reasonably priced accommodation for them both while they are there for two weeks for assessment and thereafter for up to 9 months if he is accepted for the transplant. We do not know if he will be accepted for the double lung transplant until after that assessment.

Could you help me in this regard with resources or numbers or websites to contact? We have information on all the UHN hotels etc. but they are far too expensive. I am trying to check out the other resources but my nephew’s and his mother's budget is limited as he does not have health insurance and is on a disability pension. Any help with info for accommodation would be helpful.

Possibly a 1 bedroom furnished condo or room for rent? Thank you.” (Name withheld to protect privacy).

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