Thursday, March 13, 2008

Gran's death saves lives through organ donation

Dale Dunton, a Tyneside, UK grandmother seen here with husband Paul, is being hailed as a heroine in Turkey after her death saved the lives of three people.

From the Chronicle Live in the UK:
Smiling in the picture above with husband Paul, Dale Punton was living her dream after the couple swapped their home in Gateshead for a new life in the Turkish sun.

Sadly, their two years of paradise ended when she collapsed and died from a brain aneurysm at just 50. But by donating her organs, Dale will now live on in the three Turkish people whose lives she has saved.

Her story has touched the whole nation of Turkey, and as the face of a campaign to encourage an act that is rare in the country, her memory could insprire more lives to be saved.

Speaking from their home in Alanya, in southern Turkey, heartbroken husband Paul, said: “It was like a light went out. One minute she was here and the next she had gone.

“She went out onto the balcony to light the barbecue and when she didn’t come back in I went to look for her and found her collapsed.

“The doctors said she had had an aneurysm. It was like a ticking timebomb and could have gone off at any time. But it was such a shock. She was so healthy and we never thought there was anything wrong with her.

“I knew she wanted to be an organ donor so we carried her wish. The reaction here has been amazing. In Turkey organ donation is just something they don’t do. But now Dale seems to have started some kind of campaign to change attitudes.

“Her story has been in all the papers and we’ve been interviewed on the television. It’s all been a circus, but if it can make a difference it will be worth it. She loved life so much I am glad she has been able to give life to others.”

Mum-of-three and grandmother-of-five Dale died on February 29. But she is now setting an example to people in Turkey, where waiting times for organs can be as much as 10 years.

Her kidneys were given to a 61-year-old man and a 50-year-old woman and her liver went to a 31-year-old man. They have spoken on television praising Dale’s generosity and want to meet the family to thank them in person.

Paul, 48, said: “I am happy for Dale as she would have been pleased her organs have been used to help others. Read the full article.

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Beaver said...

Hi, Everyone. Dale is my eldest sister, and I am so happy to see her story being used to encourage organ donation. She has already saved 3 peoples lives with her death and with any luck she will go on to save more.

she was such a fun loving person and great wife, daughter, mum, grandma and sister and though we all love and miss her. we are happy that in a way she lives on inside the 3 people she saved

Anonymous said...

My name is Steve Ellis. I was Dale's second husband for a time. I was deply saddened to hear of Dale's death and my thoughts and sympathy are with Dale and her family right now. The time I spent with Dale will remain precious to me and her selfless act of organ donation serves as an inspiration to us all. I only hope I can prove myself worthy of sharing a small part of Dale's life.