Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Blackfoot Woman Returns Home After Double Lung Transplant

We continue to read heartwarming stories like this that show how an organ transplant can be transforming for patients who were at death's door to someone who is now healthier than they've ever been.

"Anytime you get a second chance at life, you feel obligated to live it and share it."

From Local News8 in Idaho:

Doctors told her she wouldn't live past age eight because of cystic fibrosis, but Jamie Warren of Blackfoot loves beating the odds.

Warren is 28 years old and received a double lung transplant in December. She beat the odds by surviving the surgery. She most recently beat the odds by being healthy enough to return home to Blackfoot earlier than anyone expected.

Warren returned home Sunday night and some local students were excited to have their acting teacher back home Monday afternoon.

Warren says, "I am so excited. The kids don't know I'm back."

It was a happy surprise for Warren's acting students Monday morning.

Monday is the first time they've seen their teacher with her new lungs and new found energy.

"The most exciting thing is I have the physical energy I wanted to have before. Now I can put that much more into the program and the kids," says Warren.

Although Warren lacked the physical energy before the transplant, she's never lacked the persistence and drive to survive. "Doctors kept telling me, you are a fighter," says Warren.

Warren's husband Bryan has been at her side through it all. "It's the hardest thing I've ever gone through but it's also the most worthwhile thing," says Bryan.

Jamie says, "There's no comparison to compare how I feel now. I feel like how I was 15 years ago, it took 15 years of my cystic fibrosis away."

"I look back and it was terrible, but it was all worth it."

In three months, Warren has transformed from a woman on death's doorstep to one healthier than she's ever been. "Anytime you get a second chance at life, you feel obligated to live it and share it." Warren says.

Jamie and bryan are already making plans for the future. They say they plan on enjoying life and each other for the next year. After that, the two would love to adopt a baby.

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