Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Save this little girl

By Clare Masters
The Sydney Daily Telegraph
March 13, 2007

The tiny Sydney baby is not expected to make her second birthday unless a liver donor is found soon.

Born with a rare gastrointestinal disorder called Biliary Atresia, the Hurlstone Park infant's bile ducts do not function – causing bile to pile up in her liver, gradually poisoning her body.

The condition, which makes Jemma's skin yellow and gives her a distended belly, occurs in one in 14,000 infants. But liver transplants have a high success rate in combating it.

With statistics showing that NSW has a shameful record on organ donation, Jemma's father Jeff, 33, is calling on Australians to register on the national donors' list and to tell their families about their wishes.

"It's amazing when you are at the ward and you see some of the kids waiting for a donor – they are not well," he said. "Some end up living at Westmead Children's Hospital and are there until a liver becomes available.

"But then you come back a few months later and suddenly they are putting on weight and moving around. It is the most amazing thing."

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