Thursday, March 01, 2007

Windsor, Ontario to host
2008 Canadian Transplant Games

The Canadian Transplant Association (CTA) has awarded the City of Windsor the privilege of hosting the 2008 Canadian Transplant Games. Over 300 transplant recipients from across the country, ranging in age from 5 to 76 will gather in Windsor to compete, volunteer and support one another. Sports included in the Canada Transplant Games are track and field, swimming, tennis, table tennis, squash, badminton, golf, volleyball, lawn bowling and bowling. The dates are August 5-10, 2008. It is the first time this event is being held in Ontario. The Games were recently held in Edmonton and the flag has been passed to the City of Windsor for 2008.

“The Canadian Transplant Games are an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about organ and tissue donation in this country,” said Janet Brady, a liver transplant recipient from London, Ontario, and Past President of the CTA”. “Transplantation has enormous potential to positively change people's lives - a potential limited only by the number of donors and we are thrilled to have the City of Windsor help us share that vision.”

Augie Ravija, Executive Director of the Windsor-Essex Sport Tourism Alliance expressed his enthusiasm by stating, “These Games provide a perfect venue for transplant athletes and their families to celebrate an incredibly precious gift - the gift of life. And we are very excited and honoured to host these Games in Windsor and look forward to helping the CTA promote organ and tissue donation.”

The CTA is a charitable organization that includes transplant-recipients, donors, donor families, and supporters who are committed to identifying and removing barriers to organ donation. As a volunteer organization, the CTA encourages and motivates transplant recipients to maintain a healthy lifestyle by supporting athletic and other awareness events.

WESTA seeks to stimulate the growth of the sport and tourism community within our region by attracting more events and promoting Windsor & Essex County as the preferred region for sporting events and activities. WESTA maintains a strategic partnership with the Convention & Visitors Bureau, the City of Windsor, and the Municipalities of Essex County.

For more information, please contact:
Augie Ravija - Executive Director, WESTA
(519) 253-3616 Ext. 233
Niva Segatto - Games Chairperson, 2008 Bid Committee
(519) 251-0705
Janet Brady - Past President, Canadian Transplant Association
(519) 633-1280 Ext. 228

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Niva and Dennis are doing a great job with everything to do with the Transplant Games and I can't wait til tomorrow! I am so greatful for my kidney and this time the games being in my city ... this is great! I hope to see all the past people I have known who have all gotten kidneys! This is like a reunion that at the same time raises awareness for organ donation! Plus people from my site, I am hoping some will be there as well! Also can't wait to see Cam Gardiner again! We used to be during the same time in the same hemodialysis unit. I can't partake in any games because I have an IV in my arm from my latest set back however. Same with Cam. But that is expected the first year of transplant.

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