Saturday, March 03, 2007

Donate to Transplant Research

How to Donate to Transplant Research at Toronto General Hospital

I receive numerous inquries about how to donate to the transplant program at Toronto General Hospital. It's really very easy to do and it's also very easy to mark your donation for a specific purpose; just indicate what area you would like your donation to go to. For example, it could be for "transplant research", or more specifically for research in a certain area, such as "lung transplant research" etc. That's all there is to it.

There are a number of ways to give as listed on the Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation web site:

For One-time, In Tribute and In Memoriam donations or Circle of Life memberships click here.

For monthly giving click here.

Thank your healthcare professional. Honour a loved one. Celebrate a friend or colleague. A commemorative gift is a thoughtful way to pay tribute to someone who matters in your life. To make a commemorative gift click here.

A matching gift is a donation made by an employer that matches the amount of an employee’s gift. Depending on the matching strategy that a company has in place, it may match an employee’s gift dollar for dollar – or in multiples – resulting in a much larger, more effective gift.

To make a matching gift or for more information click here.

Bequests, gifts of life insurance, charitable annuities, charitable remainder trusts, residual interest agreements, Gifts of Appreciated Property and Gifts of Securities are just a few more ways you can make a gift to the foundation. For more information on planned giving click here.

If you would rather mail or fax a donation, please go to the Foundation web site above for an offline, printer-friendly form.

Your donation will be gratefully accepted by cheque. Please mail to:

Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation
R. Fraser Elliott Building, 5th Floor
190 Elizabeth Street
Toronto, ON M5G 2C4

Credit card donations can also be made by calling the Foundation at 416-340-3935 or toll free 1-877-846-4483 (UHN-GIVE).

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