Friday, July 26, 2013

Young woman prepares for British Transplant Games

Brighton woman with cystic fibrosis breathing new life into Transplant Games after lung op

Brighton woman with cystic fibrosis breathing new life into Transplant Games after lung op                                    Amanda Chalmers working with personal trainer
By Neil Vowles, The ArgusA young woman is to celebrate a new lease of life after gaining a new pair of lungs by taking part in the transplant games.
Amanda Chalmers is set to compete at the national games in tennis, archery and the 3km run next month less than a year after receiving a double lung transplant.
The 25-year-old, from Washington Street in Brighton, is working with a personal trainer in preparation for the games in Sheffield over the weekend of August 15 to 18.
The jewellery designer and maker had an active life during her childhood despite being born with cystic fibrosis and throughout her time at the University of Brighton she played competitive hockey.
However, she says she can chart the downfall in her condition from a trip to Vietnam in 2010 where she picked up a chest infection.
Eight months later and she was reliant on oxygen and could only leave the house with a mini oxygen pack. She suffered a collapsed lung while exercising in her home in September last year.
She said: “While I was in hospital recovering from the collapsed lung, I got called for the lung transplant which was very lucky. I went on the list for a pair of lungs in May, some people wait for years.
“Waking up from surgery, I had so many painkillers I didn’t think I had the operation. Once that wore off, I was just aware of the pain from surgery from having my sternum broken and I was in hospital for a month.
“You are told the age and sex of your donor, I was told it was a woman 30 years older than me, and there are ways to write to their family and find out more about your donor. It’s something I want to do but I am still in the process of writing that letter.
“I am not completely back to how I was before but I am so much further than I was.”
To sponsor Amanda at the Transplant Games and raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and the Brompton and Harefield Hospitals Charity, visit her donation page.
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