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July is Cord Blood Awareness Month

Insception Lifebank 
Insception Lifebank Celebrates Cord Blood Awareness Month

July Is Cord Blood Awareness Month, Expectant Families Are Encouraged to Learn More About Cord Blood Before the Birth of Their Babies
TORONTO, ONTARIO-- - The month of July is Cord Blood Awareness Month, which is a month-long campaign that encourages families around the world to learn more about cord blood stem cells and the benefits of cord blood banking. The campaign will be promoted by hospitals and organizations so patients and families can help themselves to brochures and speak with their healthcare providers to learn all about cord blood banking.
Cord blood is obtained from your baby's umbilical cord by the delivering physician or health care provider moments after the birth. Cord blood is a rich source of hematopoietic stem cells, which have the ability to develop into various types of blood cells. These cord blood stem cells may be used in bone marrow transplantation. Ongoing clinical research suggests that cord blood stem cells may potentially offer therapy in an ever increasing list of diseases and disorders such as Cerebral Palsy, Type 1 Diabetes and Spinal Cord Injury.
After the birth of the baby, the cord blood collection process is a simple and safe procedure that requires approximately five minutes to complete.
In support of Cord Blood Awareness Month, Insception Lifebank created the Simple Steps of Cord Blood Banking video to promote awareness and encourage conversations about the benefits of cord blood banking. The video describes the basic steps and encourages families to learn more so that they may make an informed and potentially life-changing decision. A link to the teaser video is also available.
About Insception Lifebank
Insception Lifebank is Canada's largest and most experienced national FACT‐accredited family cord blood program. By continuing to partner with leading Canadian hospitals such as Toronto's Mount Sinai and Scarborough Hospitals, the Insception Lifebank Cord Blood Program is able to provide every Canadian family with security, state‐of‐the‐art processing and storage, financial stability and long-term professional governance. For more information, visit

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