Saturday, July 16, 2011

Insurance company balks at paying for liver transplant

Here's another case of a life-saving organ transplant being denied for financial reasons. I hope Josie Ramirez gets the help she needs for a second chance at life.

TUCSON, Ariz. -- A Safford woman awaits an important verdict that might save her mother's life.
Josie Ramirez is a social worker who helps the elderly, but right now she needs help with a liver transplant.
However, her state-run insurance will not cover it.
"Again we're waiting, it's a waiting game again for us, and mom, we don't have time to wait," said Rebecca Duarte.
Duarte desperately hopes to get a liver transplant for her mom, Josie Ramirez.
"To see her laying in bed struggling every single day for just a breath, it's unreal," said Duarte.
When Josie wound up in the hospital more than two weeks ago, the family assumed her pricy health insurance would cover a transplant.  But the state run healthcare group of Arizona does not.
"Look at your insurance policies, there's these little creases they don't tell you about.  I mean my mom pays $400 in premiums every single month and is getting nothing right now," said Duarte.
Josie's family filed for an appeal to get a health care group to pay for the procedure.
"To leave it all in one person's hands is you know we're just praying and praying and praying and trying to leave it in the lord's hands," said Josie's neice Elmora Washington.
They expected to get a verdict by the end of the day but no word came, leaving the family on pins and needles.
"To see her laying in bed struggling every single day for just a breath, it's unreal," said Duarte.
Time is of the essense.  Josie's life hangs in the balance.
"It's painful because you know we have the faith and you know we're going to get through this," Washington.

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