Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hong Kong wife makes urgent plea for liver donor for husband

By Natalie Wong thestandard.com
A wife has made a tearful plea for those with blood types B or O - and under the age of 50 - to come forward on a life-saving liver transplant mission.
Emily Tsui Yee-wan said a doctor at Queen Mary Hospital fears her husband, Ricky Cheng Kan-kong, may slip into a coma and die by tomorrow because his liver toxicity has risen to a life-threatening level.

Tsui said the few close relatives her husband of 14 years has in Hong Kong are unsuitable donors because they either have the wrong blood type or suffer from hereditary hepatitis, which also afflicts Cheng.

"Everything has happened all of a sudden. His health deteriorated rapidly over the past few weeks and we have not been able to find a suitable donor," Tsui said.

Cheng, 42, is an optometrist and runs a business in Sha Tin.

Tsui said Cheng was taken to hospital two weeks ago suffering from severe heartburn.

His condition worsened and he was transferred to Queen Mary Hospital three days ago.

He is now suffering bouts of disorientation and fatigue and his skin has turned yellow, according to niece Crystal Ku Wing-yin who said relatives are taking turns to look after him. "The situation is very grave. Doctors say the chances of him receiving a liver within these few hours are next to none even though his name is top of the list."

Ku said the normal waiting time for a patient in such a condition is more than three months.

During a typical transplant, about 55 percent to 70 percent of a liver is removed from a healthy donor and what remains of the organ regenerates and approaches 100 percent of its function within four to six weeks.
Ku pleaded: "I urge you to spare a tiny portion of your precious time to help save a life. If you happen to know any suitable donors of blood types B or O, please contact Emily Tsui at 9045-2016 or me at 6390-2512 immediately.

"Your decision may help save a life and we would hereby like to express our gratitude.

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