Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Power of Two: A Twin Triumph Over Cystic Fibrosis

Identical twins Anabel Stenzel (L) and Isabel Stenzel Byrnes pose for a photograph in Redwood City, California in this February 20, 2008 file photo. When the twins were born with cystic fibrosis in 1972, they were not expected to live to adulthood. Three decades -- and three lung transplants later -- they are telling their story in "The Power of Two."  REUTERS/Robert Galbraith/Files

A few weeks ago I had the great pleasure of meeting Ana Stenzel in San Francisco and I was so impressed with what she and her sister Isa have been able to accomplish while living with cystic fibrosis and three lung transplants (Ana had two) that I decided to promote her book when she asked me if I would consider doing so. Ana and her sister Isa's story is one of courage, determination and a will to conquer and succeed in spite of the obstacles that were placed before them all their lives. They have written their life stories in a wonderful book: The Power of Two: A Twin Triumph Over Cystic Fibrosis.

I have many friends with CF and I'm sure that Anabel and Isabel's life story and experiences will be of great help and inspiration to all who suffer from this debilitating affliction. It will also be of interest to everyone who is faced with a bleak outlook for the future because it shows that it is possible to overcome just about anything that life throws at us if we put our minds to it.

Please read reviews of their book at the web site.  (where you will also find much more info about these amazing twin sisters)

 What Readers Are Saying...(taken from the web site)
  • First of all, I recently finished your book, and was incredibly moved, impressed, and inspired. It was one of the few memoirs I've read in my life that made such a deep impression, I am not quite the same person I was. Why? I feel like I learned some new things about love, and how persistent it can be! I am healthy, 46, and have a job I enjoy and husband I love - reading your book sort of woke me up! - JC

  • I read your book & I loved it. I found it very inspirational for me, because I now have realized anything is possible in life even if you do have CF. Nothing can stop you from living an ordinary life. I now have faith that I can overcome this disease and enjoy life. Thank you! This is the best gift ever. --CF teen

  • I want to tell you quickly how incredibly powerful your book is. I finished it last night and still don’t have the words. The book is a gift, a celebration and a beautiful memorial to many. --OD, Santa Fe, NM

  • I have been very hesitant to read any memoirs about CF or similar materials because, quite frankly, I get extremely depressed about the future. However, I also feel like I owe it to my daughter to be prepared for what is to come, not only medically, but also emotionally. Everything that I had heard about your book led me to believe that it would something I could handle reading... I also thoroughly enjoyed reading about all of the things that CF has taught you about what is important in life... Thank you so much for writing your book, and your honesty in doing so. -- Mother of a CF infant, Los Angeles, CA?

  • Kudos on your truly superb book. I'm not quite finished with it, but I am struck by how absolutely heartfelt and beautifully written it is. Thank you for baring your souls. This is an important work, which, like most everything else you've done, deeply touches many people in meaningful and significant ways. --JB, Los Angeles, CA

  • Your book, the best I've ever read in my life, has greatly lessened the dread I've been feeling for the futures of my grandchildren... I have never believed in miracles, but now I do. Your lives are proof! -- Grandmother, CA

  • WOW! Fabulous job. I've read most of the books you reference in yours, and in my mind, there is no competition. --PF, St. Louis, MO

  • "The Power of Two" is one of the most honest, open, powerful pieces of prose we have ever read... Your book is so much more than just sharing "the struggle;" it is what real, engaged living is about. It is alive because you two are life itself. Thank you for sharing your very souls with your readers. - Retired American literature teacher, CA

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