Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lung Transplant Research Ambassadors

It was my great honor to be included in a group of lung transplant recipients from across the continent who recently gathered in San Francisco to form an organization to promote the importance of research in lung transplantation. This is a photo of the lung recipients that attended and we are now all back at our respective transplant centers promoting the importance of research and participation in clinical trials.

Front, from left: Ana Stenzel, Stanford, Gloria Rodriquez, UCLA, Tina Orlita, Univ. of Chicago Medical Center, Bette Luksha-Gammal, Univ. of Florida, Doris Lowenthal, INOVA Health Systems, VA, Missy Peterson, Univ. of Colorado, Denver.
Back row, from left: Merv Sheppard, Toronto General Hospital, Chris Sanborn, Baylor Univ., Houston,Texas, Ben Mazzone, Loyola Univ, Chicago, Kip Peterson, Univ. of Minnesota Medical Center, John Sullivan, Univ. of Pittsburgh, Bill Berkson, Univ. of California, San Francisco, Angel Oliva, Tampa General Hospital, Sam Jones, Cleveland Clinic.
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I hadn't met any of the people in this photo before going to San Francisco but when I got there it was like a family reunion with everyone socializing and chatting as if they'd known each other for years. That's the special bond that forms with organ recipients.

I will be posting much more about the Lung Transplant Research Ambassadors, their mandate and how they came to be. But for now, I would like to thank Ana Stenzel for her initiative in organizing this with APT Pharmaceuticals and a huge thank you to APT Pharmaceuticals for sponsoring this event. APT currently is sponsoring a multi-center clinical trial with the objective of evaluating the effect of chronic rejection in recent recipients of a lung transplant.

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