Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My MedSchedule free online service to manage medications

Create your own medication list with MyMedschedule.com

I, like most organ transplant recipients, take about 3 dozen anti-rejection and other pills a day to manage my lung transplant. Anything that helps us keep track of our medications is most welcome and MyMedSchedule, which was previously only available to hospitals is now free to the public.

At MyMedSchedule you can create your own medication chart for yourself, your friends and family members. You can print charts to put on the refrigerator, etc. and make a wallet-size list to keep with you at all times. They will even send you email and text reminders to take your pills if you wish.

The web site notes that your personal health information is protected by SSL encryption, and will not be redistributed or resold.

Visit the MyMedschedule web site.

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