Saturday, August 16, 2008

Horseback Charity Ride for children

I always have a soft spot in my heart for initiatives that help provide financial support for organ transplant patients. It's my pleasure to promote Phil and Patty Dawson's efforts to help kids with their medical expenses.

From WTVQ, Lexington, KY:

They are a couple on a mission to help America's children and they are doing it by horseback.

Phil Dawson and his wife Patty were in Lexington Friday. It's the latest stop on their "Ride America" tour.

The couple has taken turns riding their horses Jet and Billy since May 1st, when they left a state park in Idaho on their way to a state park in Richmond, Virginia.

It's a journey of nearly three thousand miles all to raise awareness and money for children who suffer from long term illnesses.

"Those waiting on heart transplants, organ transplants and these are the kids that don't get as much funding to take care of their financial needs, you know their medical finances," says Phil Dawson.

The Dawson's plan to reach Richmond, Virginia sometime in October.

If you want more information about their trip or want to donate money to their cause: American Fundraisers.

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