Sunday, August 31, 2008

Heart and lung transplant recipient free of the debilitating asthma that almost killed him.

Brian Guy with children Zachary and Natalie

Brian Guy with children Zachary and Natalie

This is another feel good story about how lives are transformed by an organ transplant made possible by the generosity of a donor family.

From the Herald Sun, Australia:

By Robyn Riley

MELBOURNE father Brian Guy has a new lease of life. He has received a heart and lung transplant and is free of the debilitating asthma that almost killed him.

"From day one after the transplant I could breathe easily," Mr Guy, 43, said.

"I feel great."

Not so long ago Mr Guy's severely damaged lungs were functioning at a dangerous 13 per cent capacity and he feared he would not live to see his children grow up.

Now he can play football with son Zachary, 7, and enjoy the cuddles lavished on him by blue-eyed Natalie, 5.

"I don't have a better husband," wife Cathy, 41, said. "I have a new husband. Brian received an awesome gift."

He is relishing feeling fit and healthy for the first time in more than 20 years and says it is because of the donor and the donor's family whose generosity gave him back his life.

"I don't think you can put your gratitude into words," he said. "Thank you doesn't seem enough, but that's what I want to say to the donor's family."

Mr Guy's health problems started when he developed asthma at 22.

"I had gone away for the weekend with some friends to Geelong," he said. "We went out for the night and all of a sudden I couldn't catch my breath. A friend, an asthmatic, helped me with his inhaler."

But a few hours later Mr Guy was again struggling for air and he was rushed to hospital.

Doctors prescribed asthma medication and - for a while - life for the young chef returned to normal.

Asthma attacks were triggered by anything from temperature change to rye grass and his family life suffered.

"Even on a simple outing we had to stop two or three times so Brian could catch his breath," Mrs Guy said.

Then he developed a severe chest infection that did not respond to antibiotics.

"I couldn't shake it and then I suffered a massive asthma attack and woke up three days later in intensive care at The Alfred," Mr Guy said.

Two years ago, problems with asthma caused Mr Guy to require a lung transplant. And, while preparing him for a transplant list, it was found he also had heart problems.

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