Sunday, January 20, 2008

Organ Donation and Transplant Headlines

Selected headlines

Organ donations from stroke victim save four lives

From in Israel - A critically ill 26-year-old woman finally received a lung transplant Friday, when the family of a stroke victim agreed to donate her organs.

Reut Barzilai of Haifa had been in Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva for several days after her body rejected a lung transplant she received three years ago.

She, along with three other recipients, was given another chance at life thanks to the surgery.

Without the transplant, she had every chance of not surviving. She was at the end of the road," Barzilai's surgeon and the head of Beilinson's transplant department, Dr. Benny Medallion, said. Medallion, who performed the procedure with Dr. Yael Rafaeli, said Barzilai's condition had greatly improved Saturday. Read the full article.

Long-Time San Diego Community Leader, Lung Transplant Patient, Joe Dolphin, Endorses John Mccain

From PR Newswire in California - SAN DIEGO, Jan. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Following the New Hampshire primary, a headline described McCain's presidential campaign as one that was "breathing new life."

Ironically, Joe Dolphin, who announced his endorsement of McCain today en route to U.C.S.D. Medical Center for a lung transplant, is also hoping to receive breath that will give him new life. The long-time San Diego community leader has suffered for many years with AAT (Alpha-1 Anti-trypsin Deficiency Emphysema), a genetic lung disease which is fatal. The only effective treatment is a lung transplant.

"I want my friends to know I support John McCain and hope they will vote for him. He is the only candidate with the right credentials to lead America in these troubled times. He has the judgment, brains, and maturity to be a great President. His judgment is based on carefully weighing the evidence on both sides of issues and making rational and practical decisions. His behavior is controlled by a brain that was strong enough to withstand years of torture as a prisoner of war. As for his maturity, you just have to look at the smiling face with gray and balding hair," Joe proclaimed. Read the complete story.

Double lung transplant succeeds

HOOP DREAMS: Cystic Fibrosis patient Joey Whitford is finally able to return to physical activity following a double lung transplant.

From Peak Online in British Columbia, Canada - Joey Whitford breathing easier after surgery in Toronto

Joey Whitford has a new pair of lungs and a new lease on life.

The Powell River native, whose lungs were scarred by cystic fibrosis (CF), is in his sixth month of post-operative rehabilitation in Toronto after a cutting-edge operation.

With his lungs damaged by the disease, most physical activities were an impossible strain, said Joey's mother, Renee Whitford. "Now he's been skating for the first time in 10 years, he's shooting hoops and soon he'll be resuming golf, which is one of his passions," she said.

Joey said he is looking forward to returning to Powell River next month. He would have preferred to have his surgery in Vancouver, but he had a complication that could only be handled in Toronto. "There is a shortage of donor organs in BC," he said. "Toronto has the donor base to allow Toronto General Hospital to become one of the top transplant hospitals in the world. The doctors in Vancouver had done five transplants. My doctors in Toronto had done more than 100 (in 2007). I'd like to see that change in BC, but we need more organ donors." Read the full story.

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