Monday, December 10, 2007

Transplant Headlines

Selected headlines

Fire chief gifted kidney by wife

Rose Bedford is giving her husband, Rotorua Fire Chief Wayne Bedford her kidney.From The Daily Post in New Zealand:
What do you give a man for Christmas who has spent more than 30 years protecting the lives of others? For Rose Bedford the answer was simple - her kidney.

It's the ultimate gift of love for her husband, Rotorua fire chief Wayne Bedford, who lost a long battle with his kidneys five years ago.

He's had to rely on a dialysis machine to do the lifesaving work his body can't.

But from Thursday that could all change.

The couple, who have been married 33 years, will undergo transplant surgery at Auckland Hospital, with Rose giving Wayne her left kidney. Read the story.

Woman marks her 33rd year as a kidney transplant recipient
Tulsa World in Oklahoma tells the story of Joan Waddell who received a living kidney transplant from her brother in 1974. Following her transplant she remained in critical care for three months but overcame the initial complications to survive and lead a productive life. Read the story.

Identical Twins Suffering from Rare Condition Have Simultaneous Kidney Transplant
Fox News reports on ten-year-old identical twins Anji and Nelly Polanco who, since birth, have suffered from cystinosis — a rare genetic disease that primarily affects children. Last week they received simultaneous kidney transplants when a suitable donor became available. Read the article.

Niece saves uncle by donating kidney

From The Index-Journal in Greenwood, South Carolina:
“How can you say no when you have the opportunity to prolong somebody’s life?” Kenyetta Crawford, 26, of Promised Land, asked Wednesday when talking about why she chose to sacrifice a piece of her body to save her uncle.

On Nov. 20, the former Miss Black Greenwood donated one of her kidneys to Moses Carter, 42, of Greenwood, who had been on dialysis for two and a half years after both his kidneys failed because of diabetes and high blood pressure. Read the full story.

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