Thursday, August 16, 2007

Update - Motorcycle Ride Across Canada
For Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness

Living liver donor Robert E. Crawford and sister-in-law recipient Marilyn Olivo-Crawford are motorcycling across Canada July 21st to August 16th and I’m pleased to support this initiative to raise awareness for organ and tissue donation.

Robert says that access to the internet is difficult to find at times but he will do his best to keep us updated. His most recent report is below. For a day-to-day update of the ride from start to finish click here.

August 12
The temperature today was very cold and the wind was blowing quite hard. Not a good day to ride motorcycles across the prairies. We left Regina at 8:30AM and headed 450KM’s towards Medicine Hat, AB. We stopped about one hour out of Regina and had huge breakfasts along the highway. Marilyn & I put on more layers of clothes and we continued westward. I really like the prairies and enjoy seeing the wide variety of landscapes. Some people warned me that they would be so flat and boring. It is just the opposite. The land is not as flat as I thought it would be. The fields of wheat and hundreds of hay bales look very cool.

We did finally see some deer, prairie dogs and coyotes today. There were also the usual cattle seen as well. There were also large areas of what look like dried salt flats along the road. We will have to find out what they are. The remains of a large grass fire were also visible for several KM’s. It must have been quite a fire…

As the day progressed the temperature climbed but the wind stayed strong. We began the process of removing layers now. By the time we got close to Medicine Hat it was about 28 C.

At 3:00PM we arrived in Medicine Hat at City Hall but the mayor was a no-show. The city hall is a nice building with a large sundial provided by the Rotary Organization. We explored the area on foot and found a huge chess set that a group of people were playing. The pieces were all donated by local people and businesses. Ernie & Terri went off to find a hotel for the evening. They located a good one near the highway and it had a waterslide. We all needed a swim to cool down and clean the road grime off.

Friends of Marilyn, Ernie & Terri, who live in Medicine Hat, invited us over for dinner. We enjoyed a nice home cooked meal and sitting in their backyard under the trees and talking about or trip so far. They helped us to relax and unwind. Jacob played with their 2 dogs and kept them chasing balls all evening.

Tomorrow we head for Banff and will be there for 2 days. It will be nice to have a full day where we can do some site-seeing.

Robert E. Crawford
Cross Canada Motorcycle Ride
for Organ & Tissue Donation Awareness
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