Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Records show concerns over transplant

This article in the Los Angeles Times deals with the story of the alleged hastening of cardiac death in order to harvest organs.

In San Luis Obispo (California), behavior of a visiting team harvesting the organs of a disabled man was questioned. Charges have since been filed.

By Charles Ornstein and Tracy Weber, Los Angeles Times Staff Writers
August 7, 2007

"Do you think this goes against God?"

Jennifer Endsley, a nurse at Sierra Vista Medical Center in San Luis Obispo, told investigators that she spoke up because she was troubled by the behavior of a visiting transplant team as they prepared to harvest the organs of a 25-year-old disabled man last year.

"I don't think this is right," Endsley, one of several staffers in the operating room that February night, recalled saying.

What happened in Sierra Vista's Operating Room 3 is now the subject of an unprecedented criminal case.

San Luis Obispo County prosecutors filed three felony charges last week against San Francisco transplant surgeon Hootan Roozrokh, 33, alleging he tried to hasten the death of Ruben Navarro in order to harvest his organs. Full Article.

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