Sunday, March 01, 2009

CarePages (Updated)

(Lung transplant patients - Toronto General Hospital)
To access patient care pages please log on to:

If you wish a care page added to the list please email me the information. As always, you are invited to visit the CarePages and leave your comments of support and encouragement.

Current Care Pages
Patient name followed by CarePage name. CarePage names are case sensitive and must be entered exactly as shown.

  • Alan Dow: aldow

  • Andrew Oliver: inaoliver1

  • Ann McGuire: AMMcGuire

  • Annette Myers: Annette05

  • Audrey Schmidt: AudreyFromAberfoyle

  • Barry Phillips: Barryschallenge

  • Beth Wilson: BethWilson

  • Bradley (Brad) Skiffington: BSkiffington

  • Brian Moynagh: brianmoynagh2006

  • Carla Borton: CarlaThunderBay

  • Colleen Cunningham: CCunningham22

  • Dana Trude: DanaTKitchener

  • Darryl Burdon: darrylburdon

  • Dave Allan: mrdunnville

  • Dave Dunlop: dave2004

  • Dave Meade: davemeadsjourney

  • Dawn Clifford: dawnclifford

  • Emily Halliwell-MacDonald: lungsforemily

  • Grant Hagerty: granth

  • Harvey Pardy: PardyHarvey

  • HaiChang (Charlie) Lee: HaiChangCarePage

  • Helen Bird: HelenJane

  • Helen Reynolds: newfie1

  • Herb Kershaw: herbk

  • John McNeil: jnmcneil

  • Jordan Belanger: Jordan-Belanger

  • Karon Ucci: karonucci

  • Ken Isacsson: kenkelly

  • Kitty (Kathleen) Sayle: Kitty003

  • Kori Johansen: korijohansen

  • Kristy Mitton: kristymitton

  • Lisa Mitton: newphielungs

  • Louie Hart: LouieHart

  • Luanne Terreberry: LuanneT

  • Mahalingum (Pikkie) Ananmalay: Pikkie

  • Marilyn Page: lungsformarilynasap

  • Marlene Gomes: marlenesupdate

  • Michelle Babineau: friendsformichelle

  • Myrna McCoy: McCoy07

  • Reginald MacDonald: RameaReggie

  • Ross Thomas: rosslois

  • Steve MacGregor: lungs4steve

  • Wanda Northrup: wandanorthrup

Any patient can have a Care Page and enjoy the benefits completely free of charge. When you log on you will be able to:

A - Create a CarePage of your own or view someone else's CarePage.

B - Post and receive news updates - concerned family members and friends can access the most recent news about the patient.

C - Post and receive messages - loved ones may leave messages in a non-intrusive manner, regardless of time or geographic location.

To access patient care pages please log on to:

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