Friday, August 18, 2006

Toronto General Hospital performs four-organ transplant

Gairett MacIver, 18, is recovering after a high-risk, four-organ transplant operation on Aug. 1 at Toronto General Hospital. Gairett now has a new bowel, liver, pancreas and stomach, all from the same donor. His parents and doctors say his success is nothing short of a miracle.

Bowel transplants are extremely uncommon. Though the first successful one was performed in 1988, they were virtually unheard of until about five or six years ago. Multiple organ transplants have a longer history, but procedures involving four organs are extremely rare and always dangerous.

A team of more than 20 doctors, critical-care workers and nurses are dedicated to Gairett's recovery.

Read the article by Toronto Star staff reporter Christopher Maughan in today's paper.

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