Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Canada Day

click for larger pictureCanada is many things to many people and we all have our own images of this great country. I grew up in Nova Scotia and a friend sent me this picture of a huge lobster that quickly brought back memories of my childhood and reminded me of what a great place Canada is.

In 1867, Canada became a self-governing dominion of Great Britain as the British North America Act took effect. Our July 1st holiday was originally called Dominion Day but has since been changed to Canada Day.

I hope you are having a great holiday weekend. I went to my favorite Saturday haunt yesterday, the St. Jacob's Market, not far from my home in Waterloo, Ontario. On the drive there, I saw only one Canadian flag flying and it got me to thinking about where our patriotism has gone here in Canada.

Two years ago I celebrated both Canada Day and the Fourth of July in South Carolina and on the drive down that weekend there were literally hundreds and hundreds of U. S. flags proudly flying from homes and businesses. I'd like to know the answer to the question of why Americans show their public displays of patriotism to such a greater extent than Canadians. I don't think we're any less patriotic. Let's hope it's because we are more conservative in nature.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone is too wrapped up on the World Cup and are flying the flags of their home country instead.

T. Ananmalay said...

Canada Day now has a very special meaning for our family. My absolutely wonderful father-in-law got his lung transplant yesterday at TGH. He came to Canada as a young man from South Africa with his wife and son (my husband). A generous family, in their time of grief, has given our family a Canada Day present that we will never forget.

San Jose, California

Merv Sheppard said...

I can't think of anything that can top this family's reason to celebrate Canada Day. Merv.

Mahalingum (Pikkie) Ananmalay received a single left lung transplant at Toronto General Hospital July 2, 2006 after 10½ months on the waiting list. Congratulations and best wishes to Pikkie and family.

Lynn said...

We have our flag flying!
I am born and raised Canadian, and I am so proud of our country and our multiculture!
A note on Wendy's Condition:
Wendy Olson is out of the Renfrew hospital and is at home with (paliative care)nursing 24 hrs. She is showing slight improvements and is happy to be at home. We all pray for recovery and we won't give up hope.