Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Church members brave storm to hear about organ and tissue donation

Merv Sheppard, speaker and Gloria Clarke About thirty members of the Church of The Holy Spirit in Mississauga, Ontario turned out to hear our organ and tissue donation story Monday evening in spite of a sudden winter storm that hampered visibility and made driving tricky. The audience was very attentitive and asked numerous questions. Many said they were unaware there were no age limits to donating organs and most tissues or the types of organs and tissues that could be donated. We distributed donor cards during the meeting and later during the social that followed several people came up to me proudly showing they had filled out and signed their's. Thanks to church member Gloria Clarke (shown with me in the photo) for organizing the event and giving Trillium Gift of Life Network an opportunity to bring our message to their congregation.

Audience I owe a huge vote of thanks to Lynne and Peter Laurence (double-lung transplant recipient due to cystic fibrosis) for their help and support. Not only did they drive me to this meeting from their home in Mississauga and help distribute materials, but they took me home and put me up for the night so I wouldn't have to drive back to Waterloo in the snowstorm. (That's Lynne in white in the last row)

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