Friday, April 29, 2005

Study Participants Needed

If you are a pre or post-lung transplant patient you are invited to take part in clinical trials that are part of ongoing research by the Toronto Lung Transplant research team of physicians and scientists.

Toronto General Hospital’s Lung Transplant team is currently doing research in the areas outlined below and you have an opportunity to help and further this research by taking part in the trials. Please note that study 1 is for both pre and post-lung transplant patients and studies 2 and 3 are for pre-transplant patients only.

The Toronto Lung Transplant research team is renowned as having one of the best basic lung transplant research programs in the world and is a world-leader in other studies and trials. Let’s do all we can to help the team by volunteering to participate.

Sassan Azad, Clinical Trials Coordinator, has asked me to tell you that he would very much appreciate your help and asked me to forward the following to you:

1) Largo Study:
An observational study that only involves blood work at the time of biopsies or bronch's or any other significant clinical event (Rejection or infection), the rest is routine standard of care. (For Pre- and post- lung transplant patients)
Goal: diagnosis of clinical events without doing biopsies or bronch's with just a simple blood work.

Drug studies:
2) EZ Trial:

Anti-T-Lymphocyte drug (one dose)) which is given to the patients day 1 after transplant to prevent rejection of the new lung, involves multiple blood samples after the transplant on top of the routine standard of care. (Only pre-transplant pts)
Goal: Prevention of rejection after lung transplantation

3) Repertaxin Trial:
Anti-Cytokine drug (CXCL8) (one dose) which is given to the patients at the time of transplant to prevent incidence of Lung reperfusion injury due to late graft function and early graft failure. The study again involves blood work on top of the routine standard of care.(Only pre-tx pts)
Goal: Prevention of Lung reperfusion injury.

If anyone wants to take part in any of the above clinical trials, please contact me, Sassan Azad at 416-340-4800 ext. 6224.
or Email me

Sassan Azad
Clinical Trials Coordinator
Toronto Lung Transplant Program

Toronto General Hospital (UHN)
585 University Avenue, NCSB 9N-933A
Toronto, ON, M5G 2N2
Tel. (416) 340-4800 x 6224
Fax. (416) 340-4829
Pgr. (416) 790-4532

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