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Tales From The Organ Trade - HBO series starts Nov 4th

This HBO documentary series promises to shed new light on the illegal organ black-market. Transplant Tourism can subject patients to very high risk of poor organ matching, unhealthy donors, poor surgical techniques and post-transplant infections that they seek treatment for when returning home from overseas. Yet patients who have the money and are desperate for a life-saving organ transplant will throw caution to the wind and seek a donor wherever they can find it. And the donors have a high risk of problems also. Almost all kidney donors reported a combination of debilitating symptoms including physical weakness, the inability to perform manual labor, sexual impotency, terror about losing the other kidney, feelings of emptiness, hopelessness and uselessness.

TALES FROM THE ORGAN TRADE explores the controversial practice of black-market organ trafficking: from the street-level brokers who solicit kidney donors, to the rogue surgeons who perform the operations; from the impoverished donors willing to sacrifice a part of their bodies for a quick payday, to the desperate patients who face the agonizing choice of obeying the law or saving their lives. TALES FROM THE ORGAN TRADE debuts as part of the HBO Documentary Films Fall Series on Monday, 
November 4.

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This 83-minute documentary explores the legal, moral and ethical issues involved in the complex life-and-death drama or organ trafficking. More than a simple black-and-white story of exploitation, TALES FROM THE ORGAN TRADE is a nuanced and complex film that challenges moral and ethical beliefs. It delves into a world where “villains” often save lives and the medical establishment, helpless to its own rules and bureaucracy, too often watches people die. In the best scenario, victims walk away content and safe, and buyers of organs (the recipients) return home with a new lease on life. From Manila to Istanbul, Colorado to Kosovo, Toronto to Tel Aviv, this film spotlights a compelling cast whom fate has brought together, where the gift of life meets the shadow of death.

Directed by Ric Esther Bienstock (Emmy winner for "Frontline: Sex Slaves"), narrated by David Cronenberg, and produced by Ric Esther Bienstock, Felix Golubev and Simcha Jacobovici, TALES FROM THE ORGAN TRADE debuts MONDAY, Nov. 4 (9:00 p.m. ET/PT).

HBO Documentary Films presents a weekly series this fall, debuting provocative new specials every Monday starting Oct 4 through Dec. 9. Other November films include: “Dial One For Vets” (Nov. 11); “Whoopi Goldberg Presents Moms Mabley” (Nov. 18); and “Toxic Hot Seat” (Nov. 25).

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The Second Chance Sheepdog said...


I have some real concerns about this HBO series. As a heart transplant recipient and advocate for organ and tissue donation, I am afraid that it could lead viewers to look unfavorably upon organ and tissue donation, and thus choose not to register as organ and tissue donors. Even though it deals only with the illegal organ trade, it could effect organ donation negatively.