Thursday, November 15, 2012

Woman seeks financial help for surrogate pregnancy post lung transplant


Double-lung transplant recipient Sara Murray with daughter Sadie. Sara underwent a double-lung transplant in 2003 and became a mother to Sadie through a surrogate in April, 2009. She now seeks a second surrogate pregnancy and show that it is possible for a lung transplant recipient to have a normal family life.

I had the pleasure of meeting Sara Murray at the time of her transplant and was very impressed with the effort and dedication she gave to promoting organ and tissue donation awareness and fund raising for the hospital that performed her surgery. Friends of Sara's have asked me to promote her cause and I'm glad to help. Although I've been fundraising for transplant programs for years this cause is a first for me.

Read Sara's Story to learn more of her courageous life.

Sara Murray received a double lung transplant 9 years ago and became a mother of a little girl, Sadie, through the generosity of her sister who agreed to be a surrogate for the pregnancy. It is very risky for a lung transplant recipient to become pregnant and involves issues such as survival rates, rejection, complications of anti-rejection drugs, etc.

Now Sara wants to have a second child and show that it is possible for a lung transplant recipient to have a normal family. After years of searching Sara has found a surrogate but with surrogacy comes a large financial requirement. The parents are responsible for the fertility and medical costs of the surrogate, as well as the legal costs to make the child officially theirs. Please donate and bring a sibling home for Sadie!

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