Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New liver didn't come in time

This article in today's Kitchener paper further highlights the lack of organs for transplant and the need for everyone to sign their donor cards and tell their families of their wishes to be an organ donor.

Too long on waiting list

Jack MacIntyre always said everything would be OK. This time, he was wrong.

After five years on a waiting list for a liver transplant, the Kitchener man got a skin infection and died of septic shock while on a recent family vacation in Cuba.

"We were both still holding out hope that the stupid beeper would go off," said his wife, Wendy. "He really was a wonderful guy and I miss him like crazy."

Relatives say it was typical of MacIntyre -- a stubborn, optimistic man who had come close to death before -- to risk a trip abroad to make lasting memories for his daughter, Yvonne, 10, and son, Dayna, 8.

As his family members prepare for a memorial service on Saturday, they also say MacIntyre would have wanted his ordeal to make others stop and consider organ donation.

"That would be a good legacy," said his brother, Doug, a family doctor in Sutton, Ont.

"It would be important to him that someone else on the list maybe lives because people have thought about it."

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