Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Webloggers' Day - Wednesday, June 14th

I received this email from Lynn Tucker, who was a support person for a lung transplant recipient at Toronto General Hospital. Her message says it all and I wish to thank Lynn for the honor she has given me with her writing. Merv.

"Hi Merv,
Wednesday June 14th, 2006 is International Webloggers' Day.
My son, Alex, and I are participants in this celebration.
We have created and will moderate an online forum dedicated to the day. My blog has the details of the format questions for the forum.

I invite you and all of your readers to participate in this forum.
I know that not all of us are bloggers, but I do know that we all use the net as a life-tool these days. Your voice matters.

Bloggers can help that voice get loud and strong.

In honour of International Webloggers' Day I have written my blog post dedicated to you, Merv Sheppard.

My heart is with everyone from Transplant, and I have done my best to help carry the message as far as I can. You are an inspiration for me to share my world with others. To use my gift of writing to open up other people's hearts and minds.

Thank You Merv for using all the tools at your disposal to touch all of us.

Lynn Tucker
(support person of Wendy Olson, who received her gift of life June 5th, 2004)

Come to my blog.
Join in the banter and review the past posts, and have your message known in Comments"

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