Friday, April 07, 2006

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center top lung transplant performer in U.S.

Lung and heart-lung transplants are increasing in most transplant centers in North America, thanks to improved donor rates and research that allows organs to be used that were previously not considered acceptable for transplant.

This news that the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center performed 87 lung transplants last year is 29 more than the 2004 total of 58. This does not include heart-lung transplant totals. (Toronto's Lung Transplant team performed 65 lung transplants in 2005, according to Trillium Gift of Life Network and are on a pace to exceed that number this year)

Read the article in today's Post Gazette that notes UPMC may perform more than 100 lung transplants this year, according to Dr. Kenneth McCurry, director of cardiopulmonary transplantation at the UPMC Heart, Lung and Esophageal Surgery Institute.

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