Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Windsor Organ Donor Awareness Events

Windsor, Ontario has a very active group of volunteers promoting Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness. Here's an event they have planned for the first half of the year. Their initiatives to promote organ and tissue donation awareness are to be commended and I encourage you to support their events if you are in the area.

The following announcement is from Tom Awad

To organ recipients and donor families

We run a slo pitch softball tournament here in Windsor each year to promote organ donor awareness. The weekend date is Saturday, June 16th, and Sunday, June 17th, 2007. Because slo pitch is being considered for the Canadian Games in Windsor for 2008 , I am trying to put a team together from all over Ontario to enter the tournament.

We will enter a team in the Men's E division which is more of a fun recreational division or the Co-ed division for men and women, depending on the response.

I would like to have 14-15 players minimum as we are guaranteed to play at least 3 games on the weekend. Hopefully we will get enough responses and have a warm up game for the 2008 Canadian transplant games here in Windsor

The following will be allowed to play:

  • Organ Recipients or members of their families

  • Donor family members

  • Members of hospital staff who work in the ICU units or the transplant floors or TGLN staff

  • Media personalities, as long as they promote our event, and or do cover stories. If we have enough media people we may form a media team, so we recipients will have someone who we can beat

  • Bone marrow recipients also

The cost per player is $ 20.00.

The games are at Mic Mac park here in Windsor and played both Saturday and the Championship will be on Sunday. If we are good team we could end up playing 4 or 5 games in the Tournament.

Americans are invited to bring their own team.

For out of town guests, any one playing will be able to stay at the dorms at St. Clair college for $10.00 the Saturday nite, any accompanying person can stay there also at $ 20.00 for the night.

If There is enough response we will have a fun party Saturday night...somewhere to be determined.

The St. Clair residence is new and the rooms are air conditioned

If an out of province person wants to play , they are most welcome

Any one wishing to participate, please e-mail me or call at 519-944-5760.

This will be a fun tournament.

Please pass this email to any donor or recipient families and media people you may know or ICU MEDICAL STAFF

If you are ENTERING please email your full name and address, include what organ you had transplanted and your age AND PLEASE REPLY by January 15th OR SOONER SO WE CAN MAKE ALL THE ARRANGEMENTS.

The past two years we have had a total of 27 and 29 teams, at our tournament , it would be perfect if we had a trahsplant team ,hopefully we can make up a couple of teams.

The proceeds will go to the CTA organizing committee for the 2008 games.
Do not hesitate to ask any questions-Tom

Thomas Awad, Chair, Sport-Fest Windsor 06
Promoting Organ Donor Awareness
Help turn "Tragedies into Miracles"
by signing your organ donor card.

5165 Colbourne Dr. Windsor, On.
N8T 1T6 Canada

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