Monday, October 21, 2013

Desperate plea for IPF patient needing lung transplant

"My name is Dan Bachmeier and Tracey Patterson is my partner. She may have been in contact with you, but I thought I would give you an update.

Tracey began showing IPF symptoms about 21/2 - 3 years ago. It was about a year ago that she went into St Joseph in Hamilton ON for a biopsy for a final diagnosis.

Three days after the biopsy she crashed and was intubated. She was in a drug coma fro 3 1/2 weeks, after which she couldn't move. After 10 weeks, she was sent home, using a walker, and she has been in constant physio ever since. She has regained some strength, but her weakening lungs prevent real strength exercises.

She was finally listed for lung (1 or 2) transplant on Sep 17 2013. Her oxygen needs have been growing for the past few months, and she has now become an inpatient at Toronto General. Her condition continues to deteriorate quickly, and she may need to begin ECMO therapy (Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation)
until her transplant. Her O2 sats drop to 70 when using the commode next to the bed, so she now has a catheter.

Tracey is scared almost to death. She knows that the only way she can ever go home, is with new lungs. But donors have been non-existent lately. Due to her dire need, she has moved near the top of the transplant list. It is a very nerve wracking time for everyone in her life. We are all saddened by the need for someone else to lose their life, so that she and others might live.

Please feel free to add her to your blog, if you wish. If her story can attract even a single new donor, then it is worth sharing.

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