Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Transplant patient holds her dead heart in her hand

The photo of a transplant patient holding her heart in her hands after a successful transplant surgery has been posted online. The photo shows a woman with a medical mask covering her face, holding her old dead heart while another beats in her chest.
Buzz Feed reports that Penny survived heart failure and cancer.
The photo showing Penny "literally holding her heart in her hands" at the moment of her triumph over crippling illness was snapped by her friend Kesley who posted it to Imgur with the caption: "This is my friend Penny. She is holding her own heart. She has survived cancer and crippling heart failure but never lost hope."
Penny holds her old abandoned heart in her two hands like a trophy (see photo below), with the wide grin on her face visible through her medical mask.
The Daily Mail reports that the failed heart was later cremated.
The website also reports that every year about 4,000 people in the US need a heart transplant but only about 2,3000 are able to get it. Worldwide, only about 3,5000 people get heart a heart transplant every year.
Penny, therefore, has good reason to smile; she is one of the lucky few.
Penny hold her heart like a trophy

Penny holds her heart like a trophy

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