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The Power of Two Canadian Premiere Feb 13 in Calgary

I had the pleasure of meeting Ana Stenzel in San Francisco and was very impressed with her drive and accomplishments considering she has lived with Cystic Fibrosis all her life and received a double-lung transplant in 2000. I would appreciate if you would share this with your contacts and hopefully the film will be well attended for it's Canadian premiere in Calgary. PS. The doctor that performed my lung transplant in 2002, Dr. Shaf Keshavjee, is in the film! He is Surgeon-in-Chief, University Health Network and Director, Toronto Lung Transplant Program.

February 13, 2012 at the Picture This... Film Festival
Two Sisters – Two Cultures – Two New Chances at Life

The Power of Two, is a transformative film inspired by the memoir written by California native identical twins, Anabel & Isabel Stenzel (Univ of Missouri Press, 2007).

The Power of Two documentary film will premiere in Canada at the 11th Annual “Picture This…Film Festival” on Monday, February 13, 2012 at 6:00pm at the
 Albert Park Radisson Heights Community Centre, 1310 - 28 Street SE, Calgary, Alberta.

This much-anticipated film will premiere as part of the Picture This…  Film Festivalan exhibition festival featuring films about disability.
Directed by Academy Award nominated producer Marc Smolowitz, The Power Of Two is a story about love, life and survival. The film offers an intimate portrayal of the bond between half-Japanese identical twins, Anabel & Isabel Stenzel, their lifelong battle with the genetic lung disease cystic fibrosis, survival through miraculous double lung transplants, and improbable emergence as authors, athletes and global advocates for organ donation.

Featuring expert interviews, archival footage and deeply personal testimony from those whose lives have been impacted by chronic illness and organ transplantation from the U.S. and Japan, the film provides unprecedented insight into the personal and societal aspects of this modern medical miracle saving hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide.  To   learn more about the film, see:
Without question, The Power Of Two provides inspiration to anyone living with serious illness and those caring for them, by enlightening viewers about the twin bond, living with illness, patient advocacy, and cultural influences on health.    

For more information about the Picture This…Film Festival’s Power of Two show, see:

The Power of Two has won BEST FEATURE LENGTH DOCUMENTARY at the Picture This… Film Festival – please celebrate this with us by joining us for our Canadian premiere on Feb. 13!
The film has already shown in 18 film festivals and has won 6 awards. Reviews have been excellent: .
The Power of Two will premiere in other USA cities throughout 2012. See: for current listings and help us spread the word!  
Thank you for your support! We hope to see you there!

Ana Stenzel

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