Monday, January 17, 2011

Good Samaratin donates bike to boy who had his stolen last week

I'm very pleased to post this good news story following last week's article about the boy from northeast England, suffering from obliterative bronchiolitis, who was heartbroken over his bike being stolen.

By Daniel Howlett The Northern Echo
A BOY with a serious lung condition has been gifted a bike by a generous reader after his previous one was stolen. Adam Cameron, from Darlington, suffers from obliterative bronchiolitis, a rare condition that results in permanent scarring of the lungs.

It is incurable, but can be relieved with physiotherapy, oxygen and, in severe cases, a lung transplant.

The 12-year-old used his blue Carrera mountain bike to ride to and from school. His conditionmeant he could only exercise in short bursts, which the bike allowed him to do.

However, last Tuesday, at about 7.30am, his mother woke to find their shed at the family home in Martindale Road had been raided and the bike was stolen.

The Northern Echo published an appeal and even businessman Duncan Bannatyne tweeted a link asking for help to find it.

Felix Devine, of Ferryhill, County Durham, read the story and felt he had to help.

"I won a bike last year in a raffle and have always intended on using it, but never got round to it, " said Mr Devine.

"It was a great shame about Adam's bike, so I wanted to help out."

Adam's mother, Joanne Cameron, said: "It really restores your faith in human kindness. Adam was out riding all day yesterday and he'll be going to school on it today.

"He is a very lucky boy, to go from being devastated that his bike has been stolen to this. It really is beyond belief.

"I have even had a phone call from a security firm who are going to install CCTV on my shed to ensure it doesn't happen again."

Mr Bannatyne also offered to buy Adam a new bike.

"I was thrilled with the response the story got through the internet, " said Mrs Cameron. "If his bike is found or if Mr Bannatyne does go through with it then I'll hold a charity raffle with all of the money going to Breathtakers, a charity that supports people with Adam's condition."

Anyone with information about the theft is asked to contact Durham Police on 0345-6060-365

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