Saturday, February 16, 2008


Talk to your loved ones about your organ and tissue donation wishes

February 15, 2008 - Toronto, Ontario (Canada) - Trillium Gift of Life Network (TGLN) is celebrating Ontario’s first Family Day on Monday February 18 and is reminding everyone to talk to their loved ones about their organ and tissue donation wishes.

“As you are spending time with your loved ones on Family Day, share your decision to give the gift of life,” said Frank Markel, President and CEO of TGLN. “It is imperative that you discuss your wishes with your family as they will be asked for final consent to donate your organs and tissues after your death. Give them a copy of your signed donor card so they can understand, support and respect your wishes in the future.”

Today, in Ontario there are 1,674 people on the waiting list.

“Family is the most important thing in life. Thanks to a caring, generous donor family our daughter Devan lives a healthy, happy life. Sign your donor card, tell your family about it and help save more lives in Ontario,” said the Cruickshanks family of Dundas.

Every 3 days, someone dies waiting for an organ transplant.

“Dave died two years ago, so we never had the opportunity to celebrate Family Day with him. So fortunate are those who do have their families intact and can enjoy some time together,” said Jocelyn White, whose husband died waiting for an organ. “Signing a donor card is encouraged but the most important step is communicating your wishes to your family. Tell them how you feel. Communicate your wishes. We know organ donation saves lives...for all families.”

“You have the power to save lives. One organ donor can save up to eight lives and enhance the lives of up to 75 others through tissue donation,” said Markel.

For more details on Trillium Gift of Life Network or where you can obtain an organ donor card, please visit our website or call
416-363-4001 or toll free at: 1-800-263-2833.

“You Have the Power to Save Lives – Sign Your Donor Card & Tell Your Loved Ones of Your Decision”

Download Donor Cards from Trillium Gift of Life Network

Download Donor Cards from OrganDonor.Gov

Your generosity can save up to eight lives through organ donation and enhance another 50 through tissue donation

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