Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Transplant Headlines

These are a few selected organ donation and transplant headlines from around the world.

B.C. celebrates 1,000th organ donor

This story in the Vancouver Province spotlights living donor Joanne Sawadsky who donated a kidney to her nephew Jesse Sawyer and became the Canadian province of British Columbia's 1,000th living donor.

"After the transplant," said Sawyer, "suddenly, you're energized, you're feeling smarter. It's like getting a [computer] upgrade. It's made a huge difference in my life and my family's life." Read the article.

Organ donation facts in the U.K.
From icWales.co.uk comes this post about five-year-old Kyle Nuttall, from Grimsby, who received the 50,000th kidney transplant in the UK last Wednesday.

Since April 1 this year 417 people have donated organs. 1,236 people have received transplants and 7,481 people are still waiting for transplants in the UK.

The first successful transplant was of a cornea on December 7, 1905 in what is now the Czech Republic.

The first major organ transplant success involved the donation of a kidney between living twins in Boston, USA, on December 23, 1954. For more of the story and further facts read the article.

Donation register to go online
The People's Daily Online in China reports on a new organ donation initiative.

The country's first human organ donation information platform will be launched in Shenzhen, a city in South China's Guangdong Province, in the first half of next year, the local Red Cross said.

"The platform is a communication agent for hospitals and the Red Cross," Zhao Lizhen, the secretary-general of Shenzhen Red Cross, told China Daily yesterday.

Hospitals will provide the Red Cross with the records of donors and patients. When the donors are ready for transplant operations, the Red Cross will pick patients strictly according to their orders, Zhao said.

The procedure ensures all patients have a fair opportunity to receive transplant operations, and potentially prevent some patients from jumping the queue by bribing doctors. Read the full story.

WMC recognized for high organ donor rate
The Wyoming Business Report notes that The U. S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) honored 10 Colorado and Wyoming hospitals for excellence in organ donation at the National Learning Congress in Nashville last week. Wyoming Medical Center in Casper was awarded Medal of Honor status.

The HHS Medal of Honor is awarded to hospitals that have been able to sustain a donation rate of 75 percent or more for at least a year and have had at least eight potential organ donors.

There were 392 winning hospitals nationally. Read the full article.

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