Sunday, October 22, 2006

Craft and Bake Sale earns $2625 for the lung transplant program at Toronto General Hospital

Congratulations to lung transplant recipient Linda Lycett and her team for the successful fundraising Craft and Bake Sale held at Toronto General Hospital October 19th. Here's Linda's report:

"I am so happy to report that our Craft and Bake Sale was a great success and we managed to bring in a grand total of $2625.55.

Special thanks to Mavis Bullock and her daughter Cathy, Kris Risk and her mother Ieva, Shannon Halliwell (Emily's sister), Myrna McCoy and Judy Clarke, and Julie Fleet for once again helping to man the tables.

Thanks also to all those who sent or brought in crafts or baked goods to support our sale, or made donations in lieu of. This is definitely a group effort and we couldn't do it without everyone's help.

Once again, thanks for all of your support.

Linda Lycett"

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