Thursday, June 08, 2006

Warning re ready-to-eat salads

Thanks to Marly Jack for contributing the following report suggesting that pre-bagged salads are potentially growing e-coli and can be a dangerous health hazard. This is of special importance to those of us who are immune-suppressed because of the anti-rejection drugs we are taking.

"You may want to pass this one to your friends and loved ones.
Please read the MSNBC report.

Did you watch Dateline on Sunday evening? They did a documentary on cut-up lettuce and spinach in plastic bags. They took us through the whole process and talked about Ecoli now that is showing up in the salad mix in bags. They don't know yet how the Ecoli got in, but they do know deaths and serious sicknesses are occurring in many states. One woman told about how her child was near death from the lettuce and was sick for a long time. They warned us not to buy any until they find out from investigation what is causing this.

The Dole Company has recalled their bags."

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